HI thanks for your time today, here are the current projects and their issues, listed in order of priority

Millionaire game

long time for revisions, some qa issues, one issue still remaining lock screen. need a date this week for completion of everything in my recent post on bc


issues completing revisions that weren’t done in the previous round of revisions. so despite first round revisions time period and this current round revisions time period, its still not fully done. project wasn’t qa’d properly in that initial round,which is what caused the current list of unresolved issues.

Sidewalk Buddy

having qa issues on my device and not seeing some of the changes noted completed, for me, i am seeing loss of features that were originally stable as well as issues with new features. i have noted those issues on BC. since this is an android app,how you guys test on multiple devices is a bit scary..with hundreds of devices out there, not sure how we can manage issues properly. current live version doesn’t crash much..

we took months to complete a known issue with speed, even though it was a problem prior to launch, client got really upset at me even though he is actually a friend. once we corrected that, we had problems with location on the website, the site would detect wrong location…after notifying you of the issues for weeks, it too was finally resolved for the website. the issue still persisted for mobile location detection i have noted this, client has not found it yet and i have been chasing this for a few weeks with still no resolve. when I recently asked about it, it seemed like you guys thought it was..even though mobile location detection wasnt resolved.





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  1. joe edakkunnathu

    hi all, i just want to make sure we resolve these other issues on these active projects aside from millionaire. all other 3 have been in weeks of being in the same situation.

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