1. Client is not satisfied with the progress & communication.
2. Integrate the payment gateway

September 29, 2014

Here are my concerns:
Communication – I hired a project management/design team to work with the Avion development team to streamline the process. This was a result of myself, admittedly, not having the skills or time to do the work necessary. I have seen a decreased level of meetings, updates, and progress since this introduction. Additionally, I feel that many of the concepts I believe we had agreed to and established have not been developed properly. I find myself and my project management team having to cover ideas multiple times.

Expectations/Time – We have missed every deadline from a delivery standpoint. As I look at the most recent APK file on my phone, we are not close to completion. With the decreased communication and updates, this is even more alarming.

Cost – we have paid for 3 of the milestones currently. The application is not 75% complete. It is likely that your team is going to have to ask for more money to continue development. With the above listed issues, asking for more money from my investor with the quality of product in my hand is going to put myself in a bad position.

I would like for you to reach out to your internal team and get an idea of what they are experiencing. I have not been pleased with progress to this point. Please send me a note with your thoughts when you can.

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  1. Jaydeep

    We had a call with client on Oct 7 2014

    Communication – The communication issue was due to due delays in the feedback from SNL. Also there was few functionality which was not known to SNL

    Expectations/Time : We have made client know that there has been delay due delays in the feedback from SNL

    At end of our discussion , client had clear understanding of the reasons for above points

    Client revied the project on 5th Nov and given us very positive reply from client.

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