I am back from my travels with our vendor partners and needless to say, I was not able to use this sign up site at all. There are just too many errors, formatting issues etc. I will be supplying a new document as soon as I can. I have been contacted by your bookkeeper regarding another payment but I cannot pay for new development when the old development is not completed. Let me know if this is going to be an issue on you being able to finalize the current development. Also, I wanted to begin a new project as well as add to this development per my original agreement and review with Avion, but I need to be able to complete this before I can move on to anything else. We have missed two very important events for our company – the trade show in March and this past week of 4 city roll out with a partner of ours.

Let me know when you will be able to plug this into your schedule.


  1. Admin Sales

    Hello David,

    Lets discuss what bugs/issues you observed on the site on the call.

    Let me know when you are available tonight so we will set the GTM.


  2. Admin Sales

    I see that a lot of updates were made, but there are many that have not including ones that make this unusable for me. I am attaching another round of changes, some like spelling and payment pages have been there for awhile and still are not ready. But I also have some new changes that you have not seen before.
    I think the most frustrating part is hearing or reading that tasks are done and then they are not. I do not have a lot of time to review over and over to test functionality. I have omitted so much of what the project was supposed to be and now I need to remove the E-Commerce element (Payment pages). I am simply out of time. See document – do not delete pages – we can try to implement at a later date.

    Client also ask us to work on new changes

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