Hello Sid-
I have been trying to reach Shrikant regarding the Simply Supper website with no luck in a response.  It appears base camp is no longer available for this project and we are experiencing issues with the work plus some of the outstanding items have not been resolved.
I have no other way to reach him.
Can you please help.
Rachael H. McEachern

USA tel. 720.273.0792720.273.0792
CDN tel.  780.628.4797780.628.4797
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You’ll need Skype CreditFree via Skype

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  1. Shrikant Rao

    To Sid,

    Here is a quick summary of SumplySupper project (826).

    We had completed working on addon points on 5Mar
    We had posted follow up message on 6th Mar, 17th Mar and 21st Mar.
    Rachael had highlighted few issues on 25th Mar. Which we had resolved on same day and also updated her on 25th Mar
    Again we had posted follow up messages on 27thMar, 1st Apr and 4th Apr.
    On 4th Apr we informed Racheal that since there is no communication we are closing the project.

    Basecamp project (665) is SimplySupper first phase which was closed long back and does not require to be open any further.


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