01. Complete the Site Review Points (https://aviontechnology.basecamphq.com/projects/12046312-littlelacebox_avi_inq_880/posts/85439790/comments)

02. Resolve the theme issue: (https://aviontechnology.basecamphq.com/projects/12036348-reelfundr_avi_gur_879/posts/85387722/comments#comment_279328168)


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  1. admin

    We had call with Joseph for reelfundr website and informed him that team is working on new WP theme. Discussed regarding pages layouts, those will be completed tomorrow and we will be having call again with him 9 am PST.

    We had call with Joseph for littlelacebox
    Changes are migrated to live site-
    Following is Minutes of meeting:
    Client will check all the site functionality and provide your feedback/comments if any.
    If there is any issue we will take care of that.
    We will check the feasibility of changing checkout process.

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