Solution delivered

Hi Allen, please see my latest Basecamp post. Can you please focus your team on closing the open issue, I do not feel I am being adequately kept informed, nor seeing that there is urgency being placed on finding an answer nor that your team appreciates these issues are open on the live site.

@Sarang, It is around 3rd or 4th Time client has given me complaint. We many lose client if we didn’t improve.



  1. Raghu Naik

    Hello Chris ,

    We have already uploaded FB and here are the current status.

    1. Page Verification : Its done and working prefect
    2. Profile Verification : Its uploaded on test server and submitted it for internal QA
    3. Group Verification : For this team is working on R&D and will have some thing to you on Monday and we can discuss more on Skype

    Please let me know if you have any questions to me.

    Thanks ,

  2. Admin Sales

    1. Complete the all points of client which are posted on the basecamp (16 Nov,17Nov)
    2. Also take the QA Approval for tasks
    3. All task are complete and client has approved the same.

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