Client has provided the feedback with a bad review and wanted us to solve the site hack issue ASAP.
They are getting heat of it from their existing clients.

Client wants daily updates and we should only say its completed when it is actually gone through QA. Please resolve the issue and call Jennifer tomorrow.


  1. Admin Sales

    Hello Team,

    1. Regarding the hack issue: We have checked the site on following tool for virus detection, but we cannot found any malware or any other virus on the site.
    Link – ( what we can see is the virus in your WiFi network)
    We have set-up a call with client today 08.00pm IST

    2. Regarding daily updates: We have completed only responsive work on this site. (And that is approved by QA)

    3. We are performing the Joomla upgradation task in this week and now we will start updating to client for the same.


  2. Pranay Khirid

    Hello all,

    We had a call with Client (Jennifer and Chad)
    1. They agree that issue is related to there network.
    2. They ask us to update the Joomla version 2.5 to 3.0
    3. We will have the alternate calls with client for project process

    Solution delivered to client


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