seems like we are still having some bugs with the gift text on the pdfs.

1133-gift message bar appears properly, but text is overlapping, fix that. but also can you find out what the text was?

1135-gift message bar is missing on first page, but message is appearing alone second page as if it was a plain paper message. you fixed this before, why did it occur again?

1142 & 1143  – same issue as 1135 BUT also invoice shows extra charge for .20 which means it had a plain text paper message, where is that message, can you find in db? what happened on this?


hi shreyas, since you are not complete with the calendar in the create order area. client tried to do the workaround we discussed, create order, uncheck email notification, then edit order to change date.

he had to move forward on these orders and try it the suggested manual way. but ran into a problem when submitting the order, see attached. can you fix this error attached and box calculation for tomorrow 

as i stated earlier this week, goal is to complete box calculations and calendars on create order this week

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