As discussed with Vibha Tambe, we have a hack on our website that brings the user to a pop up page. We need this to be urgently removed. We understand we need to rebuild our website to update Joomla but we are not in a position to undertake this until the summer. We are also in an extremely important period for our business and our website clicks are at one of our highest periods.


Please revert and provide an update of where we stand and confirming that the hack has been removed and outline the steps we need to undertake to ensure we are secured and the extent of the hack. We are aware we must run virus checks on our laptops but is their any further risk to the files on our systems?


Many thanks,



  1. Kalpak

    This issue has been resolved.
    The site is clean now.
    The hack was done on the 27th March 2014 inside the index.php file as well as couple of folders like images, tmp and log.
    You can check the online status of the site here:
    Also please make sure to change the passwords of cpanel, Joomla admin, FTP, etc. from time to time in order to avoid hack attacks.

  2. Kalpak

    Please note that you need to update the Joomla version ASAP as your current Joomla version is very old and is vulnerable to attacks.

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