Since changes were made to our site by Avion this week, several links are not working on our website, None of the links in the sliders on our home page sare working, nor some of the static blocks below them. When we try to go to pages directly by typing the url, those are not working either. We reported this in Avion’s Basecamp but would like this urgent matter looked at asap.

Here are examples of pages that are not loading:

  •  This page is loading, but not all info is loading on the page (there should be an embedded YouTube video on the page)
  • This link in slider doesn’t work, but page will load when the URL is typed manually:

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  1. Admin Sales

    Hi Lisa,

    We have checked the issues newly arisen on the site. After investigating the issues we found that:
    1. The broken link issue appears because you have installed the SSL certificate and be used of that all links are changed to https (secure site lock).
    2. The previous code files contain several static URLS which are not working now due to secure site lock has been installed.
    3. Your previous developer has kept/creating the several static URLS on the site which should be dynamic, so after installing the SSL they have stopped working.

    As a next step, we need to fix the static URL issue. For fixing this issue we have to check each and every code file of your compete project to find and make the URL’S dynamic.

    I request you to please purchase 30 support hours considering the amount of new work of making URL dynamic and additional task which you have suggested on 04 Aug.

    We will maintain the excel file for those 30 hrs according to the tasks they will perform and we will share the same excel file with you on a regularly basis.

    Please check and suggest you thoughts for the same.


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