If you search “Scheef & Stone” in Google there is a warning this site has been hacked.  On the admin side it said i logged in at 7am but that is incorrect.  I think the hackers have had access to our site for at least 2 weeks.  We will need to change over here, and also change the passwords of whoever has been working on our site on your end.  We will need assistance in making sure our site is secure again.  Please contact me ASAP.  Thanks!


  1. Pranay khirid

    Hello Jennifer,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Thanks for opening ticket on Avion ticket system.

    Regarding the above mentioned issue,
    We have seen that site has not been hacked and google is just intimating us to take some preventive action before the site get hacked.

    I also will send you an email with the attached screenshot as well as the links.

    Please let me know the more queries regarding the same.


  2. Admin Sales

    Hello Jennifer,

    Hope you had nice weekend.

    We have started testing from our end but live server is not working.

    Can you please check with Chad what is the issue.

    Also can you send me the updated credentials of the site (Admin details)


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