Solution delivered

To be honest Raghu,

I’m having another company take a look at all of the issues this site has had and continues to have in hopes that it can be resolved. I’m losing too much money waiting on a solution that I feel may never come from Avion.

Please do not use WOM Referral as a site for reference in your ongoing quest for business. If I am contacted, I will have no recourse but to be honest and list the many issues that have continued to plague this site, the amount of potential income loss due to the ongoing issues, the enormous amount of time that it took to complete 90% of the site (promised in 8 weeks…took 18 months), the lagging time frame that it takes to resolve, the inability to have a dependable resolution, and the request for financial compensation for issues that were agreed upon during a previous contract and to be honest that should be absorbed by Avion for the lack of quality work.

Keri Seay

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