There have been some concerning issues during my project. I like my project manager and team. Have used them before and plan to use them again. But this time has turned into a mess.

There was an initial timeline that was missed by your team. I chose that timeline because I knew I would be traveling a lot after. After the timeline passed and the project was not done, I left the country, got stuck in a hurricane, barely made it back, and have left the country too more times. I have had to continually spend more of my time to help with a project that was supposed to be done long ago.

I have had to repeat my self many times to do certain things. Only to be ignored. Then later when I remind them (multiple times) I feel I am being called a liar because “those were not in the initial scope”. I had to go through the initial scope and find it on my own, screen shot it, and send it for proof. I had to waste more of my time, for something I already did but that was constantly ignored.

I sent large high end photos that I paid a lot of money for. I asked for my site to be updated. The site literally almost looks the same. So I would at least expect they could do the small things right. The whole front page was to be redesigned. They “redesigned” it by taking screen shots of my current home page and making them smaller. That is literally it. Then when I requested they make small changed, like remove text on those smaller home page images, I was told this would cost me more money. On my old website it was the same images, but larger, and I could edit the words on my own. Because they screen shotted them, it is not longer editable text. So now I have the same home page, just smaller looking, and I can’t edit it, and have to pay to edit it now. I ask you view my current site and the site your team is working on. I am asking for a change tonight, so you might have to view it soon. Again, I will be spending more of my time to help accommodate a less than satisfactory work to help them actually change the home page.

Most of my products are images too small on the site. They just kept uploading them like that. It is a product based website where I sell things. Customers need to SEE the product. But for some reason the team thought it was ok to continually upload them as small photos when I sent very large photos. It has changed to some extent and is better, but is still worth noting. There are so many other issues but I do not have time to waste any more of my time.

I hope you are getting the point above. I have spent a lot of my time that was not supposed to happen if timelines were met. My biggest issue is now I am constantly being told how this will take the avion team more time, and there for require more money. To be honest I am kind of sick of hearing they feel they are having to use more time and therefore charge me after they have wasted countless amount of my time. Where do I get paid for that? Especially when some of it is me having to repeat my self over and over.

Shailendra is a awesome employee. I really enjoy him. But this project has honestly been a very big mess and I refuse to believe it is his fault, it has to be someone else on his team because he always does good work, and this is not good work this time.

Elliott Randall

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