There are times when a person in his/her childhood gets scolded or punished by his teachers for not being a legitimate follower of the rules. Similarly in today’s digital world where there is chaos for getting customers through SEO’s and Online Marketing of websites, organizations are  going for unethical ways or in Google’s terms for black hat techniques to optimize their websites. Here I have specified few major reasons that give negative report about you to search engines and forces Google to impose penalty:

1.Plagiarism-This is one of the main reasons that makes your page-rank fall down. Use of duplicate or copied content from other websites gives your bad image to search engines. In the eyes of search engines duplicate content is useless to users and hindrance to originality. So, try to be unique and innovative when publishing content on your website.

2.Non-Canonical URL-It refers to selecting the most apt URL for your website from the set of available URLs. For greater understanding see the following example:

  • www.

In the above listed URLs, all are virtually same but for Google each URL will get separate credits and ultimately reduces the credibility of main landing page.

3.Broken Links Referencing-These are dead links present on your website and redirects user to 404’s error. It tells search engines website’s inability to provide user oriented experience. You must prevent such directs and use permanent redirects like 301’s. Positive advantage is, it will not trim any of your SEO reputation also.

4.Absence of Sitemap and Robots.txt files-Google’s crawlers use these files to know about the structure of your website. Sitemap.xml contains the list URLs that you want web crawlers to crawl. Robots.txt file is used to guide web crawlers about the availability of URLs. Efficient and essential information should be provided in these files as well, to reap fruitful outputs.

5.Overuse of Keyword Phrases-This is one of the most common black hat techniques being used.Google analyses the intensity of keywords present in the content and acts accordingly to it. If there is unusual keyword stuffing then you must get ready to get penalized. Genuine and disciplined writing is needed to prevent such wrong doings from happening. It will give you nothing but penalty points.

6.Overuse of Header tags-Bizarre usage of H1 tags on websites is rewarded with punishable outcomes. Overusing of H1 tags or not using them at all are both considered penalizable for search rankings. Care must be taken regarding its correct and profitable usage.

7.Slow Response Time-Websites taking unusually more time to load are susceptible to lower page rankings. It happens to websites having unoptimized images, numerous advertisements, unavailable Domain Sharing etc. Such websites upsets user, as well as search engines and consequently hurt their SEO.

8.Hidden Text and Hidden Links-Hiding text or link from user which is crawlable will not lead to something good. Text and links are made invisible by assigning it same color as of background. Though it might give you satisfaction that it is invisible to user but Google treats it badly and punishes those websites.

9.Cloaking-This is a black hat technique where user is deceived to click by showing fake keywords that are not at all related to website content. These types of methods come under spamdexing and serve no purpose to user’s needs and henceforth are punished.

10.Link Spamming-It refers to presence of website links that are irrelevant to that web page. These spam types can be seen in places like comments, blogs etc. Due to such false referrals users are tricked into clicking these links. Google has taken strict actions to fight against such spams and notifies website owners about how it affects their SEO.

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