To make your website more optimized , WordPress plugins can make the job more easier. An amazing article explored by Avion Technology by Tom Morely

If you have browsed through the plugin section of your wordpress admin panel, you’ll know there is thousands of useful plugins to help improve your site front end and back end.

Here we’re going to look at the tools that can help you with your SEO, we all know google loves wordpress, but how can we get even more out of our blog?

1.All In One SEO Pack

This plugin is a complete out of the box SEO feature for your blog. It allows you to add and edit all the meta information for your blog posts, including title, description, keywords. This is an extremely important plugin.


This little plugin will abbreviate your posts when listed on pages other than the actual post page. As to stop google from seeing duplicate data, which google do not like. Also smartens up your blog, don’t want whole posts on every single page!

3.Google XML Sitemaps

This is a excellent plugin, once manually uploaded once (which is encouraged and easy to do) it will update your google sitemaps whenever you write a new post so you don’t have to upload a new xml sitemap for google to find your pages.

4.Robots Meta

This plug in allows you to pick and choose which posts are ‘do follow’ and ‘no follow’. Really useful to make sure your posts are set up to be picked up by google spiders. Some blog templates by default for some reason seem to be ‘no follow’, so if you don’t want to be digging around through code, this is for you.

5.WP Google Analytics

Not necessarily an SEO plugin per say, but still excellent for integrating your google analytics. Just paste in your code which can be obtained from the google analytics page and you can monitor comings and goings just like you have been with all the other pages on your website.

These are my top 5 plugins that I could not live without, they enhance your blog hands down. So get installing these plugins, and remember be sure to back up your blog before installing new plug ins. You never know how they will interact with your current plugins.

Now get blogging!

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