Avion Technology explored an TYPO3 CMS Overview

Typo3 Customization is a well-known easily extensible open source system for powerful Content Management. It is basically used for website managing websites properly. By using this anyone can create a basic outline or template, structure the content and make the right navigational pages. Making a perfect template or structure is the controlling part of any CMS website. It consists of several files (HTML, CSS, images) to determine the basic structure and layout of the page. It will make a special marking, which is later filled automatically by the CMS with the appropriate content.
We can create TYPO3 templates from:

New Design to TYPO3 templates
PSD, AI or any other source design file to typo3 templates

HTML templates to TYPO3 templates
It makes many applications easily accessible; upload FTP for web pages, provide web and intranets solutions. This is the
friendliest program to use which does not require any technical Knowledge or skills. Neither any particular web development skill is required for running Typo3 CMS Customization services nor is knowledge of HTML required. TYPO3 is written using PHP and uses mySQL as the database and is compatible with all major operating systems such as UNIX, Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Firefox etc. Our expertise team has a command over PHP and mySQL and so we have developed many extensions and customized systems and have excelled in the language.

Prominent Features of Typo3 Customization:-

1. Easy to use.
2. Management & Administration of site.
3. Customization of templates.
4. Use various desired extensions.
5. Configure & customization of application.
6. Multiple versions of a website.

We provide all these services parallel to your concern and requirements. We have a team which is experienced, skill and knowledgeable that work with complete dedication to realize any of your website or web application needs by customizing TYPO3. The team takes challenges and are groomed in such a manner that can develop both Typo3 customisation and Typo3 extension development. We have been associated with such companies which have highly skilled and expertise developers in the Typo3 Systems.

1. Here is list of our typo3 customization services
2. Migration to Typo3 CMS
3. Typo3 Theme Development
4. Typo3 Extension Customization
5. New extension development
6. Modify existing extensions
7. Typo3 Template and Typo3 design
8. Custom web design

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