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If you are all geared up to build a website but not too sure which format would suit you best since there are so many types available, then you could try using WordPress.

You perhaps know it as a popular blogging platform, but you may not realize that it can be used for many other purposes other than just blogging? WordPress can also be set up to build a website or CMS (Content Management System) which has several inherent advantages.

WordPress is very easy to set up..If you have fantastico in the domain control panel, its just a matter of a few clicks and your website is ready and functional. But dont worry, if fantastico is not available WordPress is completely uncomplicated if you follow the recommended directions. Of course, if you find both these options uncomfortable, then you can ask someone competent to install it for you. It would not take any time at all for an experienced person and so they wont charge much for their service.

Upgrading an conventional website built by some one else can be pricey and take some time, because you may have to pay a designer and then wait till the job is completed. A system like WordPress is easy to use and you can learn it really quickly. You can refurbish your own site in a jiffy and dont have to waste time waiting for the designer to show up.

Another advantage of using WordPress is that outsourcing of website updates and changes can be done very conveniently. A virtual assistant set up with a different user name and password and can log in and work on your site. You can easily club your content into separate categories and the system will do the rest for you.

Websites which are rejuvenated often are great favorites with search engines. WordPress and the blog sites in general allow you to update your site quickly and frequently; and this could mean fabulous site rankings for you. You’ll also be found in the blog search engines which can also give your site a real boost.

You can now access RSS Feeds, when constructing a website using WordPress, which means your customers and other visitors can easily subscribe to your RSS feed and be made aware of any new additions to your website. This is a fabulous way to make your site popular.

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