Continuing our thread, we discuss the latest trends in the world of web design:

1. Duotone gradient imagery

Many designers are using duotone imagery and graphics for their websites. Duotones means combining of two colors on an image, usually with very bright or contrasting colors. Some designers are also experimenting duotone effect with two or more colors. Use of duotone imagery has proven to be a nice update to the old designs and solid color areas.

Duotone gradient imagery


2. Increased use of animations and GIFs

In 2017, the use of animations will become more common. Animation helps to communicate things easier and quicker than text and video. GIFs are the perfect little conversation helper. They do not require any special software to run. They have a small file size and can be embedded just about anywhere on the site.

3. Increased use of hand-drawn elements

Another different type of web design trend for 2017 is the increased use of hand drawn elements. These elements include fonts, icons, graphics, buttons, images and other elements that bring a nice touch to websites. This will also add a personal or fun element into the design. It appeals to the child in all of us and makes it easier to understand.

Increased use of hand-drawn elements


4. Louder and Brighter Colors:

2017 is the year for louder and brighter colors. Designers are shifting away from neutral colors like whites, grays and black, to bolder and brighter colors. This appeal the users interface on the site.

Louder and Brighter Colors


5. Bold, Creative Typography

2017 is likely to continue to use the bold and creative typography in the designs. Big and daring fonts will be used to grab the user’s attention. Companies are turning to big, bold typography to anchor their homepages. When you want to keep rest of the page minimal and clean, you can defiantly go for this trend.

Bold, Creative Typography


6. Asymmetry:
After the decades of symmetry trend, the new trend of asymmetry is coming in the front. Many designers created asymmetric layouts which are not perfectly balanced on the left and right sides.



7. Modern Retro:

Retro images with a modern twist are in right now. Whether it is pixel art or 80s and 90s inspired imagery, you can play with the images. It has been having a greater influence on web design over the last few years and will continue also in 2017.

Modern Retro


8. Mixing Horizontal and Vertical Text

The new website design trend is for mixing horizontal and vertical text. Freeing text from its usual horizontal alignment and placing it vertically on a page adds some uplifting dimension.

Mixing Horizontal and Vertical Text


9. Geometric Shapes, lines, and Patterns

It seems that the use of geometric shapes, lines, and patterns are going to continue in 2017. There are various ways in which geometric shapes have made their way into websites. In includes the use of circles around images, photos that are geometric heavy, or the overall design of the site relies heavily on the use of lines and patterns.

Geometric Shapes, lines, and Patterns

10. Overlapping Text and Images

Only having text or image is not the trend of 2017. Mixing or overlapping is the latest choice of the designers. Text that slightly overlaps accompanying images has become a popular effect for blogs and portfolios.

Overlapping Text and Images

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