Angular.js is a JavaScript, open-source web application framework developed by Google and the extremely popular framework that extends HTML vocabulary for applications. It is strongly supported by a community of developers and corporations to address the challenges encountered in developing both web and single-page applications. The object of this framework is to develop JavaScript based user interfaces easy and fast. This framework stands along with some of the most popular frameworks such as Backbone, Ember, Knockout, Cappuccino and Require.

It is being actively supported by Google; hence, it has a bright future.

Angular brings dynamism in HTML markup; therefore, developers find it very useful. Also, it provides standard structures that help to create many components easily and quickly. Usually, JavaScript coding is a tedious and time consuming task. Hence, front-end developers seek a way to make this time consuming process of development fast and easy. Here, Angular comes into the light.

 Advantages of Angular.js

  • MVC design pattern that accelerates development process
  • Code libraries and predefined templates that make coding easy for developers
  • Localization
  • Reusable HTML components
  • Flexible to filter data
  • REST friendly
  • Ease of development and testing
  • Directives to build custom widgets

How will Angular.js benefit your business?

Many companies run after the JavaScript MVC framework to create highly interactive websites.  Giants like Youtube, Itar Tass, Lynda, Udacy, and Desk are extensively using Angular.JS within their projects. You can create all kinds of latest and cutting-edge application using Angular.js, such as-

  • E-shops and Marketplaces
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Real-time interactive maps
  • Search engines
  • Learning Platforms
  • Music and Video streaming apps
  • Social Networking platforms
  • Data analysis tools
  • Custom widgets
  • Social and interactive apps
  • Text Editors and Theme Generators

Today, where the competition is at peak, it is very difficult to stand tall among your competitors. Angular.js features an advanced technology that enables you to build web applications that represents components and web features to gain an edge over your competitors. At Avion, a team of dedicated and passionate web developers are skilled to use quality features of Angular.js to build impressive Apps and make your projects relatively smart.

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