Informative article by Wayne Howcroft

The main reason is that it is a shocking browser and it was released ages ago, on August 27, 2001. Things have moved on but it seems that IE 6 has not. It is crazy that people still use it, and it can be said a large number of South Africans internet users still use it. The problem with IE 6 is the immense number of vulnerabilities that are still prevalent in the browser. Banking websites even block users from accessing their websites if they are using IE 6. Plus the sheer number of man-hours involved in trying to make your website work within IE 6 can be exhausting. Transparent PNG’s are not supported and display as a big grey blocks, AJAX and Javascript functions do not work properly, styling and placement of objects is sometimes a lottery, heaven knows why it displays some items as it does.

We looked at what the international trend is with regards to IE 6 support and cross browser compatibility. Many web design companies charge to have IE 6 cross browser support, in most cases you need to create an entire new CSS for IE 6. YouTube and Google are weaning out support for the browser which shows a strong trend that if companies that garner that many visitors each day are starting to send out the message, is it worth the extra effort to support a soon to be dead browser ?

Vibha Tambe
Avion Technology, Inc
Web design and development

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