Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is beneficial for business operations irrespective of their scale of operation. This is a company-wide computer software platform to manage and coordinate resources and information among different departments of an organization. It enhances productivity, efficiency and communication process and ensures better growth possibilities for an organization. However, ERP requirement of an organization is directly dependant on its scale of operation and the complexities of its process. The requirements of small business ventures have different dynamics compared to the larger corporate houses. Hence, one off-the-shelf solution might not ensure same productivity for all. To help small business ventures, specific Small business ERP solutions are available in the Market.

Small Business ERP solutions might be open source or a customized one. In the open source category, there are two types of ERP solutions. One is open source with Proprietary technologies and the other is open source applications with non proprietary technologies. They are free of cost and immensely beneficial for small business ventures which face budget crunch. Lack of customization and lesser degree of flexibility in open source ERP solutions can be overcome with help of Customized small business ERP solutions. They are designed according to your business requirement and have the capacity to expand keeping pace with your business growth.

ERP business solutions help owners of small and medium scale industries to have better communication among their different departments. This helps in enhancing efficiency and productivity. By centralizing data, small business ERP solutions reduce the risk of data loss.

To conclude, small business ERP solutions help in smooth functioning and growth of small business ventures.

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