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Websites have evolved from being bland, text-heavy affairs to a full media experience. And it’s quite easy to see why: people weaned on flashier, faster multimedia products also seek a multi-sensory input from the websites that they visit. Far from being just a one-way informative tool from the website to the visitor, websites have also become two-way platforms hosting many interactions all at once.

The better the website experience, the more attractive it is to the target audience, meaning more site hits for a particular website. Of course, it is also no huge leap of logic for people to understand that websites that do not offer the complete smorgasbord of special features are easily left behind by competing websites in terms of both site hits, advertising, search engine rankings, and-perhaps, most importantly-revenues.

With the rise of this multimedia trend, software’s that help website owners, programmers, designers, and content providers had evolved as well. From being highly-technical programs littered with code and jargon that is alien to many ordinary users, website content management systems have become amazingly easy to understand and use in recent years.

Today, the number one software used in creating content management systems platforms is WordPress, thanks to its simplicity and user-friendliness. It can be downloaded and installed free of any charge. And despite its unassuming character, WordPress packs quite a punch when it comes to usefulness and the extent of creativity that it supports. This is the reason why website designers and content providers prefer to use WordPress for creating websites, whether they be professional business websites or personal blogsites.

WordPress’ simplicity is particularly attractive because of its potential to be used for advertising and marketing. It allows users to create free pre-built websites which can be easily developed to carry targeted aspects like contents and sales. WordPress is quite flexible and allows quick installation, self updates, open source platform and lots of plug-ins-making it a particular favorite among those who were just beginning to create their own sites.

WordPress also has something for more experienced content providers and web programmers. With its open source format and easily accessible source codes, anyone can tinkle with its codes to get and develop the functions and operations required for the websites that they are building.

Apart from this, WordPress also allows the use of third party applications as plugins, meaning that sites can be easily customized by adding applications like calendars, picture galleries, sidebars, and search engine optimization packs. Links to various networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are available, with options for automatic email updates to subscribers and fans. These apps are free and can be downloaded from the WordPress website.

The innovations introduced by WordPress is specially attractive for small businesses seeking to market their products and services through the Internet. By using its various apps, WordPress users has found it easier to earn through websites since WordPress Plugins also allow customer feedback, direct response to queries left on the website, media galleries and real-time listing of stocks and prices. With WordPress, a website can be easily transformed to a real store.

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