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Myhostingbox has proven to be the best BuddyPress hosting provider. Thanks to our long-term experience and thousands of serviced customers we have achieved the best BuddyPress hosting package configuration. Our feature-rich BuddyPress hosting package gives you all the tools and resources that you need in order to start your successful BuddyPress website.
BuddyPress is a set of WordPress theme and plugins which extend the application functionality with many social networking features such as extended user profiles, private messaging, friends lists and groups as well as user wall (wire).

Since the last major version update to 1.2 BuddyPress can be installed both on WordPress and WordPress MU version.
If you are looking for a single blog website which emphasize on the members social interaction then you may consider using the BuddyPress set on a WordPress platform. On the other hand, if you are about to create a blog network website with social networking features, the WordPress MU hosting and BuddyPress combination will be the most suitable setup.

BuddyPress is a plugin that will convert your copy of WordPress MU into a social network. Check out the BuddyPress Demo here. Below are the features that are added to your WordPress MU installation thanks to the BuddyPress plugin.
Myhostingbox.com is glad to offer the first FREE BuddyPress templates collection that can be found on the market! By signing up for our buddypress hosting packages, you will have the opportunity to select one of these professional templates and use them for your BuddyPress social network to enhance its outlook and functionality. In addition to these great templates, you will also receive free BuddyPress installation, free module installations, free BuddyPress upgrades and of course 24/7 professional assistance for the application!
Even with a most advanced Learning Management System, your organization may face a necessity of creating a custom solution to suit the company specifics. Training software meeting all of your unique learning needs is a solid foundation for building an efficient system of computer-based learning, be it for ongoing corporate training, online education or commercial training programs.
If you need to configure or customize your eLearning management system, integrate it with another system or even develop your own eLearning application, surely there can be different solutions. You may try to create eLearning customization on your own or probably hire a specialist on 3-rd party developer jobs sites. But becoming an expert in eLearning development takes years of educational applications programming, understanding principals of learning and attracting students’ attention to studying process. We provide custom elearning development since 2003. As experts in this field, we produce efficient, reliable and affordable elearning solutions.

JoomlaLMS is an aggregate of e-learning tools compiling into a powerful learning management system. It is a fully functional eLearning platform with innovative training / testing options (self-assessments) and advanced conferencing applications.

JoomlaLMS provides powerful and popular e-learning features:

* Advanced User Management. Self-registration and enrollment options. Customizable user profiles using standalone Joomla components. support of CSV format to upload the users lists.

* Different user roles. Different levels for administrators and Front-End users. Navigation menu can be easily customized for different user roles.

* Payment features. Change course pricing at any time; Choose currency; Different payment gateways; Automatic payment status validation; Payment statistics.

* Quiz module. Create advanced quizzes with many advanced options. Track the quiz results; Pick the questions from the Questions Pool for any quiz.

* Integrated Live Conferencing with Collaboration Whiteboard. Recording and later viewing of the live events.

* Adherence to standards. JoomlaLMS supports the latest e-learning standards such as SCORM, etc.

* Flexible Course Management. Import and export your courses; Publish Courses for any period; Configure tools for each Course; Grant teacher role for any selected user for specified Course.

* Courses Subscriptions. Earn money from your e-learning project. JoomlaLMS supports paid courses and uses different types of subscriptions.

* Online help and tutorials. Permanently updated help and video tutorials that will save your time & effort.

* Reporting and tracking system. Activity reports for each student are available with graphs and details about each module.

* Learning Path. Powerful and customizable native learning paths with all kind of embedded media and built-in Quizzes. Import SCORM packages or any existing Course material.

* Certification programs. Teachers can create customizable certificates/diplomas for students of the course. Grant certificates by completion of the Course or completion of the built-in Quizzes.

* Multiple Instructors per Course. Any number of instructors can teach a course which provides more convenient course management and added flexibility.

* Student/Teacher toggle modes. Instructors can toggle to the student view enabling them to see Course material from the learner”s perspective.

* Documents tool. Upload and publish any type of documents; use uploaded documents as Learning Path Steps. Shared Document Library to manage the documents bank.

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