5 Features Every Telehealth Platform Must Offer

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a platform that enables you to connect online with doctors. It has a doctor’s appointment online by phone or video call. Telemedicine is helping people access healthcare safety from their homes.

Telehealth makes healthcare accessible, affordable, and manageable amid the covid-19 breakout. Telehealth apps are becoming a crucial part of our daily life. Having a telehealth app is now vital for hospitals and doctors.

Telehealth apps enhance the patient-doctor experience. For increasing growth and better engagement, make sure your telehealth solution offers the best features.

Let’s take a look at 5 Must-Have Features in the Telehealth platform.

1] Audio and Video-Enabled Conferencing:

Audio and Video-enabled Conferencing modules help patients and doctors to communicate. It builds trust. The doctor can identify the visible symptoms, which helps to make accurate diagnoses, and patients can ask questions regarding the symptoms.

Telehealth apps should also be enabled with group calls chats so doctors can add their peers.

2] HIPAA Compliant Communication:

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, Which has a framework that protects confidential patient data.

In the telehealth industry, HIPAA compliance is crucial. The HIPAA compliant system ensures that patient data is safe and secure with no chance of it being leaked.

Most of the communication is online in the telehealth platform, so the platform must ensure that the patients can trust their medical records.

HIPPA compliant messaging was 79% voted of patients as an essential feature to the platform.

3] Remote Scheduling and Appointments:

Remote Scheduling and Appointments feature patients and doctors. Patients can book doctor appointments remotely, and doctors get updates with their appointment requests and patient profile before communicating.
This app feature enables the doctors to cancel appointments anytime in the care of an emergency.

4] Payment Gateways:

The medical bill payments feature from your smartphone should be a must-have feature in every telehealth app.
It helps automate invoices for every patient, automate appointment adherence, develop pay slips for hospital staff, record payment, etc.

This feature gives you multiple payment methods with safe payment processing. It is an elementary and fast, user-friendly feature.

5] Browser-Based App:

Telehealth web application is a vital check box on your priority list. Most users prefer telemedicine that is easily accessible through smartphones and browsers or desktops.

This web application can easily be accessible by anyone, and most hospitals and clinics don’t perform installed software that is hard to maintain.



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