5 Productivity Transformation Tools For Your Chicago-Based Small Business

We live in an age where time is money. For entrepreneurs, this is even more critical. The faster they can meet the demands of their customers, the more benefits there will be for their business. But what makes service delivery quick and without any compromise in quality? The answer lies in creating and nurturing a productive workforce—the more effective your crew, the better the service.

Productivity tools can be a game-changer for today’s highly demanding work culture in businesses.

Here are the top 5 productivity transformation tools for your Chicago-based small business that successful organizations ensure their workforce has access to:

1. Email Management Tools: Email is still the number one communication channel in formal environments for peers to communicate with each other and in Teams. An intelligent email management tool will enable employees to filter important emails more effectively and prioritize responses based on the severity of the content in each email.

2. Task Management: A task management tool is one of the essential tools for an employee to be productive. From recording things as a ‘to-do’ list to assigning responsibilities and roles to individuals collaborating on a project, task management tools facilitate various activities in the office environment.

They have a highly flexible task management platform that enables organizations to bring out the best results from teamwork and reward performers for their extra efforts when necessary.

3. HR tools: You would need a spreadsheet to manage your accounting, receivables, or taxes, so why should your HR workflow rely on antiquated media and messy documents?

Just Value is like a short book for HR and benefits. It becomes your single management point for all HR needs.

4. Collaboration Channels: In a fast-paced business environment, people from different streams or with other skills must come together and create solutions for challenging customer situations. It requires powerful collaboration channels that offer various features such as innovative meeting schedulers, video or audio conferencing and call answers, access-controlled storage, remote file and media exchange facilities, and virtual workspaces.

5. Engaging Intranet Platforms: There is a need to bring in a social infrastructure where everyone in your organization can connect, learn about workplace events and developments, conduct team building or interactive sessions, and collaborate effectively in your work environment. It is precisely what modern-day intranet solutions offer for enterprises.

You need to develop a social media-inspired platform for intra-organization interaction. An intranet facilitates the creation of a community among your employees where people interact and gain knowledge about everything related to or outside of work.


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