5 Sales Transformation Tools For Your Chicago-Based Small Business

Sales tools are Increasing across the industry for almost any part of your sales process, from email to customer relations and sales analytics. These handy tools and software offer many benefits for your company’s growth and success.
Many free and paid sales tools are launched in the market every day. Here are the top 5 sales tools that are useful for small businesses.

1. Content Management: When selling, you need content to attract an audience — your sales and marketing teams will work together to create this content for your site. It would help if you run campaigns, create videos, blog posts, and more. These tools will help your team.

Top content management tools include:
• Allbound
• Brainshark
• Consensus

2. Sales Enablement: Sales enablement provides your entire sales force with everything they need to close a deal.

Popular sales enablement tools include:
• Seismic
• Highspot

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Software for CRM lets you better manage the relationship with your customers. You can improve existing customer relationships by driving sales and marketing communications.

Some options to consider include the following:
• Salesforce
• Pipedrive
• Nutshell

4. Sales Automation: Sales automation tools cover a vast online marketing field. You can automate many processes with this software. Automation in sales includes sending emails, personalizing interactions with customers, scheduling, data entry, and many more.

Sales automation tools include:
• RollWorks
• Winmo

5. Sales analytics: Analytics is a significant factor in understanding whether your business is growing or declining. Sales analytics tools allow you to track and manage how your sales process is performing. Sales analytics tools enable you to see individual parts of your sales process to see what’s working and areas for improvement.

Some sales analytics tool choices are:
• Looker Sales Analytics
• Insight Squared


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