Augmented Reality (A.R.) Vs. Virtual Reality(V.R.)

In this digital world, we spend time looking at screens. Beaten laptops, cell phones, and T.V. have become a big part of our lives, and V.R. and A.R. are two technologies that change how we use screens.

Augmented reality and virtual reality technology generate interest in their possibilities for marketing, gaming, entertainment, e-commerce business, and brand development. It sounds similar, but they are two very different concepts.

What is Virtual Reality (V.R.):

Virtual reality is a computer-generated technology to take you in the alternate world or reality. This technology is used in 3D movies and video games. It is also used in training, education, and science. V.R. headsets consist of a head-mounted display with a small screen in front of the eyes and a specially designed room with multiple large screens.

What is Augmented Reality (A.R.):

A.R. can be defined as a system that incorporates three basic features a combination of natural and virtual worlds, real-time interaction, and accurate 3D registration of virtual and natural objects. Augmented reality means putting a digital product in the environment.

Augmented reality technology is designed for unrestricted movement. This technology projects 3D aspect over whatever you were looking at. This concept extends to smartphones with apps and games like Snapchat and pokemon go game, hololens holograms, etc.

Difference between A.R. and V.R.:

A.R. and V.R. are two different things, and each has its weaknesses and strengths. The difference between A.R. and V.R. is that AR uses 25% virtual and 75% natural while V.R. is 75% virtual and 25% real. A.R. does not need a headset, but some V.R. headset device is required. These are some differences between A.R. and V.R.



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