Connecting With Industry Experts

Networking has always been essential to structuring your business and building your credibility in your industry. With the offensive of social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, industry experts can build solid followings and provide insight to those they influence.

If you’re looking for experts in your industry, here is something worth a read.

When it comes to identifying experts in your industry, some resources make it incredibly easy. Many tools are available to help you find the ones making waves in your industry.

In today’s world, fellow industry connections may seek you out online to learn more about your professional background and interests. Like you, put your best and most professional foot forward. When networking through social media, stay on professional sites like LinkedIn and Twitter and keep your profile accurate, up-to-date, and complete.

Include professional photos, a personal summary, and an evaluation of your skills to give potential connections a better sense of your nature, abilities, goals, and how you can add utility to their network.

Stay in touch with your connections by sharing relevant content such as informative blog posts, inspiring TED talks, provocative industry white papers, or local networking events. In your note, tell them why it made you think of them and how it can provide value.

Monitor Social Media Hashtags: You can reach more audiences using social media hashtags. Trending industry hashtags will help you identify what your industry—and, more importantly, your industry experts—are communicating. You can join the conversation by using the same trending hashtag.

If you’re looking to connect with experts in your industry offline, an easy way to communicate with them is through industry organizations and associations. With a quick search, especially on LinkedIn, you’ll see what organizations your experts belong to and how they interact personally with their peers. You can also become a member of those organizations and participate in their events and networking socials.
Meeting people face-to-face can significantly affect their engagement with you. Since most of our lives are online, building relationships online and offline with industry experts is essential.

Reaching out and engaging with experts in your industry is an integral part of your brand strategy. Experts can help grow your business and interacting professionally with them can help build your brand and industry credibility.


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