Dentists 5 Industry Trends in Chicagoland

Due to the ever-evolving technology that has rapidly progressed in the dental industry, the dental care industry is bringing forth new methods to relieve patients and make dentists’ jobs easier. Dental care is becoming more efficient and convenient for patients, from live consultations to emotional dentistry.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI algorithms are being used more frequently in the dental industry in Chicagoland. AI algorithms can analyze data from healthcare systems and suggest treatment recommendations for patients. Artificial intelligence can simplify the tasks of dentists around the world by reducing the overall workload, streamlining processes, and helping to strengthen the dentist-patient relationship.

Smart Toothbrushes:

Smart electric toothbrushes can be paired with mobile applications to ensure you brush your teeth properly using the proper techniques. The app will also record how often you brush your teeth.
With an intelligent toothbrush, patients brush more effectively and reduce tooth decay due to plaque and tartar build-up with better oral hygiene practices.

Live Consults:

Many people cannot afford dental care, and those who are disabled live in remote areas or fear going out. During the pandemic, health professionals had to find new ways to meet the needs of patients through virtual platforms (online consultations) in Chicagoland.

Emotional Dentistry:

One of the biggest positives ever achieved in dentistry is the introduction of emotional dentistry. With virtual mock-ups and digital photos, patients can visualize themselves with their final restoration, boosting patient confidence and making them emotionally committed to the outcome.

Laser Technology:

Lasers treat various dental diseases and relieve discomfort during dental procedures, such as filling cavities, getting rid of tumors, and treating tooth sensitivity.



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