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Many Business owners have a lot to consider and must complete each work flawlessly. As a result, digital business tools are a godsend to both small and large business owners. Several tools are available to help you with various aspects of your organization. Take a look at some that will be useful to you both now and next year.

File sharing and storage – Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage service, which includes Google Docs and Sheets. It’s a fantastic office program that allows for real-time file creation, sharing, and collaboration from anywhere around the globe. Google Drive will enable you to cut the number of emails and back-and-forth while keeping your shared documents in one location. And the most significant part is that it is exceedingly simple and handy.

Chat and Collaboration – Slack

Communication is vital in all characteristics of life and is especially important in business. Everyone informed and on the same page is censorious to keep things going smoothly and prevent miscommunication issues easily.

That is why you require an app through which you can all interact with one another.

While Skype and WhatsApp are excellent for one-on-one communication, if your team includes more than 2-3 individuals, you should consider something more complex, such as Slack.

Individual and group messaging are available in Slack, making it much easier to communicate with diverse teams. You may, for example, create a different group for your design team or web developers, and you can even have video calls (just one on one with the free plan and up to 15 teammates with the Pro plan)

Video Conferencing: Google Meet

Video conferencing is needed for online meetings and events in a world where many individuals freelance or work remotely.

Small companies are being pushed to engage with team members, providers, business colleagues, and consumers over the internet.

Consider Google Meet if you need a video conferencing solution for your business. While Zoom has grown in popularity in the last year and is excellent for video conferencing, Google Meet may be a better option for a small business, especially if you choose the free version.

Social Media Management: Buffer

If you operate a small business — or any business, for that matter — advertising it on social media isn’t an option, but keeping up with posts and messages is a nightmare if you don’t employ a social media management tool like Buffer.

Buffer is perfect for newcomers to social media management since it enables you to:

  1. Make and schedule posts for all of your social media networks.
  2. Access a sleek and straightforward, easy-to-visualize dashboard that automatically schedules material
  3. Messages from all social networks are available in a single mailbox.
  4. View reports on social analytics

Email Marketing: Mailchimp

Nowadays, there are several ways to advertise your brand, with social media being one of the most important, but email remains the favorite marketing channel for 73 percent of consumers.

Email marketing solutions such as Mailchimp assist you in engaging with your audience by producing customized emails that make you appear highly professional. Because we’ve all seen how poorly email marketing is done, you can develop deep and long-lasting relationships with your clients while significantly increasing your return on investment.

Begin by studying these digital tools early on—it will be easier to scale up with them than to adapt your tools to your existing, may be inefficient, procedures.

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