How much should Small Businesses Pay for a Monthly Website Maintenance in Chicagoland?

A website represents your brand online and helps the growth of your business. Thus, your website should always look perfect and have great features. Users should remember to view and access it again and again.

Why Should You Maintain Your Website Consistently?

No matter how long you’ve been in business, your website should always look updated with the latest features and meet customer expectations. With yearly maintenance, you can protect your website from bugs and downtime. If you want your website to stay up and running smoothly, you should patch and upgrade any software you use on your site. And many more things to get updated on time.

How much should small business pay for website maintenance in Chicagoland?

You have to pay no fixed price to maintain your website. To recreate your domain and host your website, you must pay approximately $25 per month in the Chicagoland area.

A large business may have a dedicated service and may decide to spend on SEO and website development services. To avail of these services, you must pay up to $5000 per month.

Here is a list of website maintenance fees that you need to pay in the Chicagoland area:

Web Hosting: $3 to $1,000
Domain Name Renewal: $1 to $3
Tech Support: $50 to $3000
Ongoing development: $200 to $5000
Ecommerce system maintenance: $15 to $25
Analysis and reporting: $5 to $15
Site Backup: $3 to $10
Security Scan: Free or up to $100
CMS patches and upgrades: $20 to $200
SSL Certificate: Free or up to $100
SEO: $400 to $1000

The Frequency of Website Maintenance:

Web Hosting: You need a congruous web hosting service for which you pay a monthly or yearly fee.

Ongoing development: To continuously maintain and upgrade your website, you must pay hourly or monthly packages.

Domain Name Renewal: You must renew your domain annually.

Security: A daily scan is required, but you should scan at least once per month.

CMS Patches and Updates: You should upgrade your CMS monthly or at least once a year.

SSL Certificate: Depending on your certificate.

Tech Support: This is a monthly investment for website maintenance.

Analytics and Reporting: You need congruous monthly reports to maintain your website.

Site Backup: Regular backup can be best for website maintenance.



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