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Mobile Security: – Securing any portable devices such as mobile, tablets, laptops, or any computing devices or the networks to which our devices are connected that need protection from any harm or attacks to prevent future damage.

Why we require mobile Security:- No matter what your age is, today, everyone has a smartphone. Mobile has become a part of our daily lives. We can’t even imagine how much our phone holds value when it stores information. Your phone has almost all your data.

Phones are nothing but portable devices which can hold as much information they can. We can count so many reasons we need to protect our devices, which is very important.

Such cases lead to increased cyber-attacks, which can use mobile malware to target both the device and the back-end systems they access. It is a high-level time for the organization to implement mobile device security to avoid malicious malware, data leakage, and other mobile security damage if they do not.

Not only the mobile Security affects your day-to-day life, but it can also create a blunder in your business and the productivity for the same. With mobile in hand can bring countless doors to grow your business. But it is also essential to keep your phone secure. You don’t want somebody to steal your personal information/data or your business planning. Hackers can do serious problems.

As the number of devices and they are used has multiple. Protecting mobile devices has become increasingly crucial. It is especially problematic when employee-owned devices connect to the corporate network.

Benefits of Mobile Security?

  • The most significant need for mobile Security is to prevent sensitive data or data leakage or theft.
  • Another advantage is to avoid the enterprise’s ransomware attacks that target mobile devices.
  • Mobile Security helps to secure and assist regulatory compliance at a higher level.
  • Securing your device also helps to keep your peace of mind. Whether it is an individual or an organization, if you know your device is secure from any threats or harms or attacks, you gain a lot of peace which Is very helpful to balance your life.

Top Threats to Mobile Security:-

As we know, our mobile devices suffer from many cyber threats. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Malicious Apps and Websites: In mobile devices can have mobile malware installed and access malicious online content.
  • Mobile Ransomware: Mobile ransomware is a malicious app that is becoming more similar and impactful, and more valuable as sensitive data is stored on mobile devices.
  • Phishing: Mobile devices have access to several different communications media – email, SMS, social media, etc. – making them an ideal platform for performing phishing attacks that steal data or carry malicious content.
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks: Mobile communications do not always use secure technologies, making them vulnerable to an interception for eavesdropping or data modification.
  • Advanced Jail-breaking and Rooting Techniques: Jail-breaking and rooting provide elevated permissions on a mobile device, enabling an attacker to take a more fantastic range of malicious actions.
  • OS Exploits: Like any other software, mobile operating systems can contain exploitable vulnerabilities that place them and their users at risk.

Security vendors and products for the Mobile device:-

Below is the list of several vendors that offers complete mobile security tools and device management:-

  • Scalefusion
  • Hexnode Unified Endpoint Management
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management
  • Google Endpoint Management
  • N-able Remote Monitoring and Management



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