Technologies En-Vogue with Boutique Agencies in The Midwest

Even if you are a small, medium, or enterprise-class business-to-business technology company, your needs are best met with a boutique PR agency partner. The requirements of the media covering IT and technology are specific and subtle.

Technology PR is very subtle and highly targeted and usually involves an in-depth understanding of how the newsroom in a tech publication works.

Many large and small agencies are primarily generalists, which means they have customers serving many different industries. For example, an agency’s customers may list packaged goods, healthcare, finance, retail, and many other industries, which means they are targeting different media types without the audience having room to understand. They do not have the time or the space to focus on the media they are targeting.

In addition, when you look at IT and tech outlets, many experienced editors have been in the industry for at least 25 years, making it difficult to reach out to senior people on the agency’s side. Still, those who continue to get their hands on the role mean they regularly pitch to the media.

It is difficult to reach out to senior executives in a large, multi-industry agency because they are busily expanding their own business. They have a large budget, which allows them to delegate daily tasks to others, removing several steps from the PR discipline and destroying their hope of being connected to real journalists.

As an essential part of the marketing and PR mix, all agencies will talk to their client contacts and executives about thought leadership. Small tech boutique agencies can provide their thought leadership in both technology and marketing and PR circles.

Active blogging leads to great things, including impressive SEO rankings and exposure to new clients and projects. It also strengthens our position in the marketing world in terms of insights and advice and makes us more relevant to our clients. For example, when we advise our clients on a speaking platform, how and what they post on their Twitter account, or what their executives blog about — we can only focus on our specific actions and outcomes. Depending on the work of the previous client.

After all, boutique agencies are not just “agencies.” They are a partner. They are not a red-tape load and give you more energy and resources to accomplish your goals. When you choose a boutique, you select a team with in-depth skills, high integration, and a desire to provide the best results and in-depth insights.



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