Technology Driven Top Agencies in Chicago

Technology and data may seem like a clear statement as drivers for growth, but in the world of an advertising agency, there has been some friction to adapt and change.

Information and Services in Chicago

Data Science:

We consider the data a strategic asset for the city of Chicago. We collect, analyze, research, visualize, publish, and release data for users and people in the town. Aim to use data to improve the quality of life of city dwellers and improve the efficiency of city operations.


As a new design team, fortunate to have excellent examples of how design thinking and innovation work in government. It allows us to learn from those who have come before and partner with them to break new ground in civic technology.

Geographic Information System (GIS):

The Geographic Information System (GIS) program aims to use geographic technology to economically improve the quality of service delivery and decision-making for the city of Chicago.


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