The Cost Of Hiring A Part Time Cyber Security Officer In Chicago

You probably have some essential items and heirlooms in your home, so you lock your doors and windows when you go out, have two or three locks on your doors, or have an alarm, CCTV, a big dog, or a small dog. Just as you secure your home by latching your door when you pull out, you should also safeguard your association network and computers with a watertight cyber security solution. Here you can find out why cyber security is essential and the cost of hiring a cyber security officer in Chicago.

The Importance of Cyber Security:
The importance of cyber security degenerates to the need and requirement to keep particulars and data safe. Today, people store large amounts of data on computers, servers, and other connected devices. Much of this is sensitive, including personally identifiable information, passwords, or financial data. And then, there is intellectual property (IP).

If a cybercriminal gains access to this data, they can wreak havoc. They can share sensitive information and use passwords to steal your funds. Organizations must have security measures in place that enable them to comply.

In the case of public services or government agencies, cyber security helps ensure that the community can rely on its services.
Benefits of cyber security

By implementing security measures, businesses and individuals (such as MSSPs) can protect themselves and others from a full range of cyber security threats.
With cyber security, companies know that unauthorized access to their network or data is protected. Both end users, organizations, and their employees benefit.
It’s not just detection that strengthens cybersecurity but also mitigation and response.

The cost of hiring a part-time cyber security officer in Chicago:

The average annual Part-Time Cyber Security salary in Chicago is $78700. Most pay between $43210 to $113108 per year. According to, cyber security officer part-time cost in Chicago is- $49.27 – $52.35 Per Hour (Employer est.)

Cyber Security Salary by Position, Low & High

Position Low High
Information Security Manager $150,000 $225,000
Cyber Security Engineer $126,000 $213,000
Application Security Engineer $130,000 $200,000
Network Security Engineer $120,000 $208,000
Cyber Security Analyst $114,000 $160,000
Penetration Tester “Ethical Hacker” $114,000 $160,000


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