Tips for Slaying Your Agency Competition

Top 5 tips for slaying your agency competition

In today’s economic situation, freelancers and small studios will have to fight harder than ever to stay afloat. How do you overcome such tough competition? How do you stay a notch up from the crowd and ensure you receive the business?

There are numerous strategies to outperform your competitors. You may employ many tactics to be the greatest, from focusing on customer service to making the most of search engines. The following pointers will assist you in standing out from the crowd.

1. Identify the clients’ pain areas:

One possible approach to outperform your competitors is to answer the needs of your shared target audience better than they can. Ask open-ended inquiries to determine what your clients want while utilizing your products or services.
After identifying a customer’s pain spots, you can try to remedy them by expressing their problems in the customer’s language. Once you’ve determined who at their firm can solve those pain points and who is authorized to acquire your products and services, you can move on to the next phase. (This person is not always the same person who can solve the problem.)

2. Establish your brand:

When you first start, or if you’re in the process of rebranding, make an excellent first impression on potential clients. Examine competing websites to see how they portray themselves. Consider the aesthetics of their logos and web designs. Are they business-like? Fun? Approachable?

Examine their branding to see if there are any flaws. Look for areas where you can improve. Define your branding by thinking about your USP and attempting to represent what your firm stands for – not just through your visual identity but through the tone and language you use in your writing.

3. Establish competitive pricing:

One of the simplest methods to outperform your competitors is to provide lower prices. To find the optimum pricing point, you must first understand your competitors’ goods or services costs. Investigate which competitors give the best value, helping you decide what you are selling adds more value to the table and, as a result, should be priced higher.

If beating your competitors is your top pricing issue, use a pricing strategy based on competition. This method disregards product prices and consumer demands and focuses on the current market rate for your goods or services. You then set your price to be within the range of prices offered by your competitors.

4. Keep ahead of the competition:

Change is an unavoidable part of running a business.

Because it engaged artists to operate its stores rather than businesspeople, Urban Outfitters became a major disruptive force. They had complete control over the interior design of their stores, and the results were stunning. Every Urban Outfitters location was distinct, whereas the competitors’ sites were all the same. The company’s sales have increased by 500% in the last decade to over $3 billion.

5. Give excellent client service:

Providing excellent and memorable customer service is an excellent method to establish customer loyalty and distinguish yourself from the competition.

Prioritize recruiting people who understand your products and services and your brand. Don’t hurry in recruiting customer service representatives. It is more vital to find the right people for the job than it is to fill those roles.


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