To Cloud or Not To Cloud

The business world is on the move to Cloud for many enterprise applications. However, where to store essential data can be a problem for some. Security and other issues may prevent these companies from adopting cloud infrastructure for data warehousing. Is this reasonable?

Finding the right fit can be confusing. Last year GitLab decided to go all bare metal and get off the Cloud entirely. Then, in response to their community, they chose to stay in the Cloud and improve the experience. Their decision was more in response to their customer base. And in B2B, keeping the client happy is paramount.

What is best for your business?

Clients must know that you have their interests first, securing their data and providing the best customer experience. The original customer considerations should answer the question of whether to live in the Cloud.

Reasons for getting out of the Cloud:

An undercurrent among large companies is causing them to question their cloud services. Bill Schock is at the top of the list. Building your own internal Cloud is tempting as storage and server costs come down. Other problems companies cite are delay issues, project failures, and lack of efficiency in cloud services. Exodus is increasing.

What about the little guy?

Startups quickly join the Cloud to save money and keep things simple. But as they get out of the bootstrapping phase, they realize that managing their servers can be less expensive and more constructive than putting everything on the Cloud. And then, service industries handle sensitive information, such as law firms, medical practices, and accountants. Their main concern is security.

Every business owner has to decide whether to use the Cloud or not. Fortunately, more options will provide greater security, enhanced customer experience, and increased sales.



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