Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Dev Company To Find Out If They Are Good For You

The beginning of a software development project is full of unanswered questions. We have been asked all kinds of questions by potential customers. Based on these experiences, here are five questions to help you decide which software company would be your best partner.

1. What steps or Processes do you follow to ensure you fully understand our Project Requirements?

You may not be a software or requirements expert, so communicating project requirements with precise detail is often challenging. It is up to the software company to know what questions to ask for further clarification, enabling the company to bridge any gap between expectations and what is delivered. An experienced software company can understand the hidden complexity of features and various navigation choices. So, not only will the features work but they will also be designed to enhance the user experience.

2. Have you ever Worked on a similar Project?

Past performance often predicts future results, so you should get an overall idea of the skill level of your potential software firm by looking at their experience. It is essential to match their expertise to your project needs. For example, when you work with a firm that has expertise in your industry, it will be easier for them to understand what problems your software will solve. Before hiring a software development team, review their case studies to get a comprehensive view.

3. How long will you build a Team for my Project?

Ask how many people are on their team and how many projects they are currently working on. If you want to start a project quickly or grow your team, it’s good to know that you won’t have to wait weeks until someone can commit to their development time.

4. How will you Ensure to Stay within my Budget?

If the development company offers a fixed price, they have enough profit margin to offset either delays or “scope creep,” which means you are paying more for their service. Or, at some point in the development process, they will run out of Budget and compromise the quality of the development process or fail to complete it. The worst case scenario is that you get stuck in a bitter legal dispute halfway through the Project that costs you extra money for things outside the scope of ‘creating an awful business relationship.
Find a developer with a special rate card who understands the required team lineup and can estimate the duration needed to be based on similar solution types.

5. How do you Communicate during the Project?

Ask how often you will have calls with the development team and what communication tools you will use to ensure your communication is productive. Make sure you know the employees working on your Project and talk to them regularly, depending on the Project. This way, you will be better informed about the progress of your project development and will get better feedback.


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