Top Three PHP Frameworks

A PHP framework is a platform used to create PHP web applications. The PHP Framework provides libraries for commonly used functions, which helps developers reduce the need to write basic code from scratch.

Top 3 PHP Frameworks:

  1. Laravel: Laravel can be given massive popularity due to its ability to handle complex web applications with extra security and speed compared to other frameworks. It simplifies the development process by reducing the complexity of everyday tasks like sessions, routing, queuing, and authentication. Laravel has excellent speed and commendable safety features with the flexibility to evolve with the latest web development trends.
  2. Symfony: Symfony is considered the best choice for web applications that needs scalability. It has many features. Its modular component system is exceptionally flexible and allows developers to select and select components for their projects.
  3. CodeIgniter: It is well known for its speed and footprint (about 2 MB in size with documentation). CodeIgniter is perfect for developing dynamic websites. It offers several modules that help create robust and reusable components.



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