What Are Your Agency Competitors Doing? Use These 5 Tips To Find Out

Researching how your competitors operate is the best strategy to grow your business. Competitor – We have them all but knowing who they are is never enough. You can only get new customers if you know what they’re doing and exactly how they’re doing it.

Below are our top 5 tips and tricks to find out What are your agency competitors doing?

1. Analyze your competitor’s website and SEO strategy:
For competitor’s websites you can use:

SpyFu: This will give you information on the keywords and AdWords your competitors are buying.
Google Trends: You can stay on top of industry trends and compare your company to others.
Google Alerts: You can set up alerts for your company and set up alerts for your competitors to find out who is talking about you.

For SEO:
You will need to look at in terms of your site and your competitors:

• Keyword ranking using the (SERP Checker tool)
• Site traffic using the (SiteWorthTraffic tool)
• Website authority using (Website Authority Checker)

2. Look at competitor’s social media marketing strengths:
With the rise of social media becoming a powerful tool for business marketing, you’ll be able to stay abreast of any exciting updates your competitors share online. By building a list and examining their tweets, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts, you can begin to identify their use of tone and content strategy.

3. Survey your competitor’s customers and suppliers:
It may seem obvious, but the most efficient and inexpensive way to gather accurate information is to talk to customers. Once you’ve won over a new customer, ask whom they used before and why they switched – that way, you can identify what benefits your business.

4. Hire your competitor:
You can hire employees from competing companies and work with competitors’ partners. You can then find out how these companies operate and what they are up to next.

5. Analyze Their Rankings Against Keywords:
Once you’ve determined the keywords your opponent is targeting, use an SEO ranking tool like [AccuRanker] to track your progress against them. You can use this tool to see how your competitors perform against your target keywords if they differ from the above.

If competitors are outranking you, check their website for any supporting material that may help them rank. If so, can you do better?


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