What’s Trending in the Lead Gen Space in Chicagoland

Looking back at the past decade in marketing, you can get an idea of how fast things are moving. Trends have come and gone, and some have changed how lead generation works. Lead generation is generally a very labor-intensive and time-consuming process.

For that, Lead generation experts in Chicago have the best tools and technology to grow your business’ market. Industry professionals research, develop, and refine best practices to generate the most accurate leads for their client’s needs.

So, in this article, we’re looking at lead generation trends that work in Chicagoland. The thing about trends is that they come and go, and the life cycle of these things is getting shorter every year.

We’re left with lead-generation strategies that will positively impact the volume and quality of leads you can capture. Here are the ten best examples:

1. Account-based marketing is the new normal for B2B brands.
2. Hyper-personalization
3. On-Page Lead Qualification.
4. Automated marketing and sales integration.
5. Community-Based Marketing.
6. Multimedia thought leadership.
7. Featured snippets
8. Page experience makes UX even more important as a ranking signal.
9. Making GDPR Compliance Usable.
10. Maximize customer lifetime value.

The basic formula for evaluating marketing trends is looking at the current technology, how users have used technology, and what problems this combination could solve.

Lead generation marketing trends come and go. Your ability to go with the flow, innovate, update and always thoughtfully work to optimize the experience will keep you ahead of the game.


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