211 Tahoora_Issues

seems like we are still having some bugs with the gift text on the pdfs. 1133-gift message bar appears properly, but text is overlapping, fix that. but also can you find out what the text was? 1135-gift message bar is … Continue Reading

210 Paypal Guest Checkout not working

I was working with Raj on an issue with the guest checkout in paypal adding two last names to shipping form.  Now, the guest checkout does not work at all.  We also have ticket open with paypal… Question Reference # … Continue Reading

Big Data

Big data is a buzzword, an evolving term that describes any voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information which is difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques. In … Continue Reading

181 Dublinschoolofgrinds.ie Order already processed (Error Code)

Hi Jaipraksh, Thanks for clearing up the confusion around this, however we have noticed that the problem seems to have gotten even worse today. More and more people are ringing up saying that they cannot book online and all that they are seeing … Continue Reading

162 Work not done properly(Fwd: Follow up on my Trophy Clone project)

There have been some concerning issues during my project. I like my project manager and team. Have used them before and plan to use them again. But this time has turned into a mess. There was an initial timeline that … Continue Reading

159 Site delivered not as originally agreed on in mockup

Hello, We have been requesting for almost a week for the sliders/banners to be displayed correctly or adjusted.   Originally, the mockup provided was completely different than the site and we were told that the backend will function correctly in updating … Continue Reading

141 Tutor Student Lesson List

Hi Sarang, hope you’re well. I’ve got a change I’d like to make on the website. See the attached image. (1) Let’s change the Action Date to reflect the actual date and time of a lesson (the scheduled date and … Continue Reading

133 Arroyo Design URL

Mark just called me and says we have been promising to change the URLs for a couple of weeks and nothing has been done.  Can someone please address this ASAP.  Here is some text from basecamp… MARK: Also, just a … Continue Reading

131 Tom Novak- Aries (Imagissue)

Messed up images. Conditions/validations

84 Team is not fully aware of the SOW document

Hi, As discussed over Skype/GoToMeeting, I have several incidents that indicates some team members were neither involved in the development of  detailed SOW document nor have given the quality time to go over the document. This is very evident in … Continue Reading

49 Page Loading Time Issue

Something is very wrong when I do a search on the website or click on any of the horizontal tabs or navigate away from the home page, the whole format disappears… please correct this ASAP. After doing any sort of … Continue Reading

46 California Attorneys Email List: Frustrations with the current project

Hi Allen and Vibha,   I hope you are both doing well. I just wanted to touch base with you guys and express some of my frustrations with the current project.  Things have been going very slowly, and we haven’t … Continue Reading