I can’t find any google analytics installed at I need it to analyze our last month of customer visits. Our site is not down so this isn’t urgent but it’s extremely important that I can access this data.

It was probably installed last month when it was supposed to be. If so, no worries. I’ll find out tomorrow how to access.

If it was never installed, I’ll feel sick over losing all my data since google can’t go back in time and show me. At least that’s how I understand it. They can only start when the tracking code is installed.

If there is someone who can reassure me that the code is installed, I can stop feeling sick over it being missing.

Thanks for whoever can help me determine this asap.

Much appreciated,

john bechtel


  1. admin

    Hello John,

    It was nice talking to you over phone call.

    We have checked regarding Google analytics and its configuration over phone call, we have set required thing on live server regarding Google analytics. We have also confirmed successful upload by visiting in your browser.


  2. admin

    Hello John,
    Your Complaint has been resolved, we are happy to help you. If still have an issue about this complaint please register a new complaint again.

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