10 Magento Plugins

In 2019, Magento was utilized by approximately 250,000 e-commerce sites, accounting for roughly 1% of all websites on the Internet. That’s quite astounding, considering the Internet’s total number of web pages is around 1.5 billion.

Magento is famous for various reasons, including its flexible content management features, mobile and SEO compatibility, and bespoke integrations. And it’s the last point I’d like to touch on here.

Magento extensions, also known as plugins, cover a wide range of content customization, payments and security, marketing, and customer service. The correct plugins can let you fully customize and optimize your e-commerce shop, allowing you to increase sales revenue.

The list has the following name:-

1. SEO Suite Ultimate
2. Product Review Reminder
3. Customers Also Viewed
4. AddThis Share Buttons
5. A/B Testing
6. Multiple Coupons
7. Enhanced Quick Cart
8. FAQ
9. Searchanise Smart Search & Autocomplete
10. Language Translator
11. Product Videos
12. Delivery Date
13. Free Shipping Bar

SEO Suite Ultimate:- The importance of SEO in the e-commerce world cannot be overstated. The count number 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and SEO generates more leads than any other marketing activity tools, according to 57% of B2B marketers.”If you can reach the top of the search results for specific keywords, you’ll get a lot of qualified leads. Although Magento has several SEO plugins, SEO Suite Ultimate is one of the best. It helps with a range of SEO tasks, including detecting duplicate material, optimizing URLs, boosting site indexation, and refining meta settings.

Product Review Reminder:- Online reviews have become essential for reassuring customers about an e-commerce store and encouraging them to make their 1st purchase. Online reviews influence 93% of consumers’ purchasing decisions, and 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations someone, according to the study. Product Review Reminder is a WordPress plugin that helps you get more product reviews by automating many processes; this is how it goes. Customers are reminded to leave a product review a specific number of days after making a purchase (you choose) and are rewarded with a discount for doing so.

Multiple Coupons:- Coupons have long been popular among shoppers. But, especially in the digital format, they’re now more significant than ever. In fact, by the end of 2019, 31 billion consumers are expected to have redeemed e-coupons, up from 16 billion in 2014. As a result, you can see how widespread this habit has gotten. Multiple Coupons is another Amasty plugin that I appreciate. It’s great for offering e-commerce shoppers coupons and allowing them to redeem them on your site quickly. It will enable you to create customized coupons based on various rules.

A/B Testing:- You’d be crazy as an e-commerce store owner if you didn’t undertake some sort of A/B Testing. Running regular A/B tests is your key to increasing conversions and optimizing revenues on a digital store, with an almost limitless number of variables. Amasty’s A/B Testing is one of my favorite plugins for quickly testing all areas of your site.”To build an experiment, choose any product attribute. You can run a single experiment to try a single attribute modification or a multivariate experiment to test multiple attribute changes at once.”You can experiment with different product names.

Customers Also Viewed:- One of the most effective techniques to boost average order value has been and continues to be cross-selling. Cross-selling accounts for up to 35% of Amazon’s total sales. It’s a simple method to inform your consumers about other products they might like based on their browsing habits and previous purchases. Customers Also Viewed is one of the most excellent Magento plugins for uncovering cross-selling opportunities. It enables you to “use the potential of the smart suggestions system, which will automatically select related products and intelligently give buyers with appealing product recommendations.”



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