5 Reputation Management Hacks Which Works of Chicagobased Small Businesses

Business reputation management has become critical in 2022 making it even more important for businesses to engage with customers, deliver positive experiences, and foster customer-brand relationships.

1. Claim your online free listings: The best way to start effectively monitoring and controlling your online reputation is to claim your listing on search engines and review sites that begin with:

• Google my business
• Yelp
• Yellow pages
• Facebook business

Claiming allows you to update entries with the correct information, including your business name, address, phone number, and hours of operation. Unclaimed listings sometimes have the wrong information in their records, making you look untrustworthy and prompting customers to find another business.

2. Be a Thought Leader: In addition to promoting your products and services on your website, you can also use it to create content that isn’t directly related to the brand but more to your industry as a whole. For example, a plumbing service might shoot and publish a DIY video on stopping a pipe from leaking, while a small bakery might list baking ideas for the next big holiday party. These content pieces increase your online exposure, but more importantly, it establishes the brand as a local thought leader in the industry.

3. Be active in social media engagement: Social media is essential to people’s daily lives, where 40% of consumers will use social networks to find new businesses or products. Please make sure these people constantly find your brand in their feeds. In this way, the support of the stars goes a long way. Statista revealed that 59% of users have a more favourable view of brands that use social media to engage with customer complaints and queries.

4. Focus on a monitor, generating and responding to reviews: A small business needs online reviews to grow. Not only do these help bring in more customers, but they also reveal pain points in the customer experience that you can improve in the future. If you’ve claimed a listing on the sites listed above, you’re off to a good start regarding review reviews. Make sure you pay special attention to your google listing, which is a crucial source for customer research. 63% of consumers check google for reviews before visiting a business.

5. Respond to comments: Social media has made brands more accessible to consumers. They follow brands online, like, retweet, share, and comment on their posts. Brands should be bold in getting comments online – it’s a sign that people want to interact with the content they’re developing.


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