Best New Features in Laravel 8

Laravel is an open-source PHP platform created by Taylor Otwell that’s designed to make web apps faster and easier.

In the Laravel framework, the most recent version is Laravel 8, which was released on September 8th, 2020.

Laravel 8 includes many new features, including Updated Landing Page, Models Directory, Removed Controller’s Namespace Prefix, Maintenance Mode, Laravel Jetstream, Schema Dumping, Queued Job Batching, and many more features.

Some of the points are new features:

I) Updated Landing Page:-

Laravel 8 (CMS) comes with a new landing page for a fresh install, and it’s gets displayed a facelift and is now built with Tailwind CSS, including light and dark versions. It straps to Laravel ‘s various SaaS goods as well as community pages.

II) App/Models Directory:-

Laravel 8’s includes an app/Models directory. According to a rating, over 80 percent of developers created an app/models directory themselves.

III) Removed Controller’s Namespace Prefix:-

No more double prefix issues! Now you can import and use double prefixes without the problem.

IV) Maintenance Mode:-

The maintenance mode allows us to display a user-friendly notice to our users. Seed of broken side during maintenance mode, it also allows us to perform any maintenance task. It can be beneficial when launching a new app.
If any users access your site, they’ll see your maintenance page. The framework does not even attempt to load the composer’s auto-load file, meaning errors will not be thrown.

V) Laravel Jetstream:-

Laravel Jetstream is a brand of new scaffolding for Laravel 8 released as an open-source package.
Jetstream implements your application’s login, registration, email verification, two-factor authentication, session management.
Jetstream is designed using Tailwind CSS and offers your choice of live-wire or inertia scaffolding.

VI) Schema Dumping:-

New schema dumping command released with Laravel 8. If you’re operating on an extensive application with a large number of database migrations, it helps you clean them up.

VII] Queued Job Batching:

It’s easy to notify when all jobs are completed or when there’s an error in its execution.



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