Graphic Design Vs. Web Design

Graphic design and web design – Are they the same thing? Maybe there are some crucial differences between what a graphic designer does and what a web designer does. Let’s look at what each type of work involves.

Graphic Design What is It?

In Graphic design, the designers focus on creating graphics, combining typography with photos and illustrations. Graphic designers work more on logos and print designs such as posters, brochures, magazines and book layouts, and packaging. Graphic designers do not do any programming.

What is Web Design?

Web design is all about the website, not the print. Web designers are responsible for creating websites that look good and also load quickly. They also have to take their design and convert it into a working website, including programming. Web designers need to have an excellent working knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and other programming languages.

Web Design and Graphic Design – How are they different?

Now that you know what graphic design and web design are, let’s learn about the main differences between them?

1] Technical skills:

The main difference between a graphic designer and a web designer is they are technically both different. In web design, the designers need to be familiar with HTML, CSS, PHP, and how design works on the web.
Graphic designers have an in-depth knowledge of the basics of design. The key to graphic design is mastery of design elements such as typography, color theory, visual hierarchy, and layout.

2] Web design is dynamic, graphic design is permanent:

In many ways, graphic design is endless. When you design a book cover or poster, you can’t make any changes once it’s printed. Web design, however, is a dynamic medium. Every few years, a company can completely redesign its website.

3] Web design is interactive, graphic design is static:

Graphic design is less interactive. You can see it and touch it, but it does not change when you interact with it. Web design is more user-friendly where the user can interact with the design by clicking a button, navigating to different web pages, etc.



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