How Much of Your Bandwidth Should The MVP Development Take?

When we meet many entrepreneurs who want to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), we are asked two fundamental questions after discussing the idea and product for 10 to 30 minutes. How Much? And How Many Days? Let’s Take A look!

What is an MVP?

A Minimum Viable Product is a basic, launchable version of a product that supports the minimum but essential features (which define its value proposition). It is designed to enable faster time to market, attract before-time adopters and achieve product-market fit from the start. For example, before Instagram became the most popular social media platform, it was called Burbn. This platform was an MVP with essential functions.

Why should you create an MVP?

It would help if you created an MVP to validate the solution and avoid making incorrect specifications quickly. It’s about more than gaining acceptance from customers. The objective is to learn and build the right product for apt users.
Delivery of an MVP typically takes two weeks to 7 months, while the development phase typically ranges from 2-5 days (for no-code or low-code development) to 6-7 months (for code-based development).

MVP Implementation Steps

1. Discovery and MVP planning: (2 weeks – 1 month)
2. Proof-Of-Concept (optional) and Rapid Prototyping (optional): 2 Months
3. MVP Development Project Planning: depends on the project
4. MVP Development:
• No-code MVP development: 1-2 days
• Code-based MVP development:
◦ MVP UX design: 2-5 days
◦ MVP UI design: 2-5 days
◦ MVP coding: 2-6 months
5. MVP Launch and Further Iterations

How long it will take to build an MVP depends on your chosen development approach and the features you want to implement. If the time frame is critical, you should select ready-made software products that will help you launch your MVP faster. But when it comes to personalization, you should look into customized solutions.


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