How Much Time Does Reputation Management Require For Your Chicago-Based Small Business

One of the first questions we get from most of our reputation management clients is, “How long does reputation management take for a Chicago-based small business?”

How long does online reputation management take in Chicago?

Short answer:
Content removal ► 5-7 business days
Content suppression ► 1 – 9 months or longer
Online Customer Review Management ► 1-6 months or more

It varies from a straight removal between 1 and 4 weeks to correcting online reviews, which can take over a month. Online reputation management activities take 6 to 12 months to suppress/push negative search results.

Every project is different and with many factors to consider. Some projects are ongoing and never ‘finished’ but will be improved over time. We use our expertise and experience to guide customers through the process and understand how much work goes into improving online search results.

Your current online reputation is a significant influence on timing
The existing reputation of your business, brand, and even senior people within the company significantly impacts how long reputation management takes and the type of lit-up strategy it creates for you.

If you have a negative online reputation
If search results for your name, brand, and target keywords already show negative links to reviews, fake news, forum threads, and social media posts, or if you’re being trolled online, options are to remove or push these negatives down. And out of sight. It takes much work and skill to remove or counteract harmful content with high rankings.

The competition for your keywords also affects how long online reputation management will take:
It is challenging to change your search results if there is a lot of competition for your targeted keywords. Other companies will invest in different SEO-based marketing strategies and link-building, making it complicated.

Google prioritizes the most relevant and high-quality search results for each keyword. It uses over 200 ranking factors to determine the quality and relevance of each keyword. So, if the competition for your keywords is high, you need to outperform your competitors on as many ranking factors as possible – which is a lot of work in terms of time and activity.


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