Loading Speed of your Website – Does it Matter?

Site Speed

Website performance means how quickly a browser can load fully functional web pages from a given site. Slow site speed can lead to poor search engine rankings, low overall site traffic, and negative user experience.

Why is website loading speed critical?

Conversion rate:

Many companies have found that a decrease in page load time of a few milliseconds increases conversions:

  • Mobify found that reducing its home load time by 100 milliseconds increased session-based conversions by 1.11%
  • Retailer AutoAnything’s sales increase 12-13% when page load time is halved.
  • As a result, improving site performance is a big part of conversion rate optimization.

Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of users leaving the website after seeing only one page. If the page cannot load in a few seconds, users will close the window or click away.

For SEO:

A site’s performance on a mobile device is significant for SEO.

User Experience:

Long page load times and low response times to user actions create a terrible user experience.

Final Words

Websites with low loading speeds may force visitors to leave the website, return to the search results, and then visit your competitor’s website. You need to make sure you have good website hosting and good website speed so that potential customers don’t lose interest and keep browsing your website.



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